The Today Show features The WeDo Game as the solution for Digitally Distracted families

The WeDo Game features on this weeks Today Show on Channel 9 as the solution to help reconnect digitally distracted families.

We are still awaiting the edit of the segment which we’ll post as soon as we have it – but here’s a behind the scenes shot in the interim!



62% of children feel they need to compete for attention with digitally distracted parents

Aussie Mum Network writes a great article on the impacts of technological distractions on family dynamics and the game thats encouraging families to spend more quality time together.

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Kidspot uncovers how some simple ‘scraps of paper’ brought this family together

Kidspot journalist Lisa Mayoh writes a great background piece on The WeDo Game.

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The WeDo Game Media Release: Couple’s award winning game is the smart parenting tool every digitally distracted family needs

“Recent studies show that up to 62% of children feel their parents are frequently digitally distracted whilst they are trying to talk to them – with the number one factor in this being the smart phone[1]. Many children are also consumed by their own devices – with the combination coming to significantly re-shape traditional family dynamics and, in some cases, even negatively impacting the relationship between parents and their kids. A study by Paediatrician Dr Jenny Radesky found that technological distractions not only eat up precious socialising and bonding opportunities, but also lead to an escalation in child misbehaviour and a sense of frustration on the child’s part, due to the need to “compete” for parental attention2.”

Read the full media release here: The WeDo Game media release


“Put the phone down. Turn the computer off, and choose family time over screen time.”

Dr Jodie Lowinger; Clinical Psychologist, and The WeDo Game featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise program in their story about how to create a healthy online environment for our kids.

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The WeDo Game – The solution for digitally distracted parents

Honey Nine shares insights in to the impacts digitally distracted parents have on their kids and cites The WeDo Game as a solution to the problem.

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ToDo is now WeDo in Australia!

ToDo is now WeDo in Australia! New name, same great game! And still the best way to encourage families to spend more quality time together. Find us at and on Facebook and Instagram @thewedogame


The ToDo Game crosses the Pacific and lands in the US of A!

The ToDo Game is now available in the US !

Visit: and buy your copy today!


“Children still need traditional play to truely connect…”

Kidspace Gold Coast writes a fab article on The ToDo Game…

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“The ToDo Game is the antidote to screen addictions these school holidays”

“If you’re looking for ways to entice your children away from their screens these school holidays The ToDo Game is the perfect solution…”

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