About Us

We’re the creators of The WeDo Game, and an everyday family just like you!

The WeDo Game first began as a reason to stop everything we were doing so we could spend more time together as a family, without any digital distractions. We would take out the game, turn off the TV, put our phones and laptops away and spend some quality time with one another, playing games that made us talk, laugh, learn and reminisce.

When seeing the joy and happiness this brought our whole family – especially our 6 year old – we realised this was an idea that could bond other busy families like ours as well. So, over the next 12 months we worked on refining the game design, the range of activities and building out the product. Now our mission is simple – to introduce The WeDo Game to as many families as we can so they too can share the love, and reap the rewards of spending more quality time together.

We hope you enjoy playing The WeDo Game as much as we do and make many happy memories with your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

A family game. The WeDo Game is a collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do. Together. There are 4 editions that cater for families of all ages.

How do you play?

The WeDo Game is super easy to play! There’s no complex rule book and no right or wrong answers. Its simply about having a go, laughing and learning. As a family. Simply pick a card at random and follow the instructions. Each activity can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and is designed to be played over and again! The focus is on quality family time!

What’s the correct age group?

  • The Baby Edition is designed for families with newborns aged 0 -2.
  • The Toddler Edition is suited for families with younger children between the ages of 2-4, with “Advanced Activities” included on each card for little ones who may be racing ahead in their development.
  • The Family Edition is ideal for families with children between 5-13 years.
  • The Couples Edition is aimed 18 and over.

Who is the target audience?

The WeDo Game is the perfect Gift for Mum, Dad, the kids or even the whole family! It’s why we won Best Gift in the REED GALA awards. It’s a new way of saying Thank you that isn’t a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers. It’s also a must pack in the suit case when heading off on holidays – especially holidays where WiFi is not “optional” like camping for example!

Why it was created?

Our daughter was getting home from school, switching on the TV or her iPad & we would hardly see or hear from her all night. Similarly, we were getting home from work and struggling to put our smart phones or laptops away. We created The WeDo Game as a way of forcing us to all disconnect from our screens, reconnect, and spend more quality time with one another creating memories that would last a lifetime. The Baby and Toddler editions were inspired by our baby girl who, like most little ones, just didn’t stop all day! We were constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas on things to do to keep her occupied!

What sorts of activities can we expect?

There are 30 different activities included in every box.

Baby and Toddler Editions: Activities focus on sensory play, language and fine motor development, helping little ones to explore, discover and come to know and love the world around them

Family Edition: There’s an educational element woven throughout, but primarily, the activities are designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity, as well as prompting meaningful conversations between parents and their kids.

Couples Edition: Fresh, fun, bucket list date ideas for couples!

Are you a screen free family?

No. We get asked that question a lot! We recognise that technology has an important role to play in today’s society, and there are countless benefits. Our main aim is to be mindful of when we use our screens, and just try to make sure that we find balance, allocating plenty of screen free time each to focus on our family.

We tend to think that its “kids today” who are addicted to screens. But this is as equally true for adults as well as younger generations. Therefore, we believe our relationship with our screens and social media platforms should be viewed, reflected upon and nurtured just like any other relationship we have, or any other activity that shapes our physical, emotional or psychological well being.

Do You Offer Wholesale and Gifting Options?

Yes! Wholesale is specifically for retailers or corporates wishing to buy in bulk to on-sell or provide as a corporate gift. Please email us at contact@thewedogame.com to enquire about wholesale pricing.

Any business that align themselves with family values is the perfect fit for our game. It’s a great end of year employee gift at Christmas for example – when families are supposed to be switching off and spending more time with one another!

We have had great success with Real Estate Agents who are buying the game as a Settlement gift when selling a family home. The same thinking applies to boat and car dealers when working with families. Summer / School Camps are a great opportunity too! Kindergarten / primary school teachers, After School care centres, child / family psychologists and special needs teachers also see the value of the game as a teaching aid.