A collection of creative, fun, screen-free activities for families to do. Together.

Disconnect. Reconnect. And have some good old fashioned fun with this award winning Australian game! The WeDo Game is a boxed collection of 30 different activities designed to help families spend more quality time together free from smart-phones, laptops and the TV. The game focusses on creativity, imagination and the fostering of meaningful conversations between parents and their kids. You don’t need to be lucky or talented to play, and there’s no right or wrong answers. It’s about having a go, laughing and learning. Together. As a family.

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The WeDo Game is a smart parenting tool that’s ideal for families with children aged between 5 and 13 years. It’s the perfect gift for mum, dad or the whole family, an ideal stocking filler, kid’s birthday party present, or a new way of saying ‘Thank you’ that isn’t a bunch of flowers or bottle of wine! It’s also great to keep the kids occupied during school break and a must to pack in the suitcase when heading off on holiday.

WeDo Game

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The WeDo game has no complex rule book, in fact – its so easy to play there’s no rule book at all! You pull an activity out of the box at random  – just like a lucky dip – and simply follow the instructions on the card. Beyond that howbadge you use game is completely up to you… We store ours on a shelf in our living room. On Monday nights we draw out a card, then on Wednesday nights we play the game. We found that drawing the game card a few days in advance allowed us to plan ahead and source materials if needed. It also gave us time to tweak the game to suit our own circumstances. If its too hard to schedule in advance, keep the pack handy for a spontaneous game – sometimes they’re the most fun! Each game will last somewhere between 20 mins to hour or so. Remember, it’s quality bonding time you’re after. So make sure the whole family is 100% committed, with no distractions.


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About Us

We’re the creators of The WeDo Game, and an everyday family just like you!

The WeDo Game first began as a reason to stop everything we were doing so we could spend more time together as a family, without any digital distractions. We would take out the game, turn off the TV, put our phones and laptops away and spend some quality time with one another, playing games that made us talk, laugh, learn and reminisce.

When seeing the joy and happiness this brought our whole family – especially our 6 year old – we realised this was an idea that could bond other busy families like ours as well. So, over the next 12 months we worked on refining the game design, the range of activities and building out the product. Now our mission is simple – to introduce The WeDo Game to as many families as we can so they too can share the love, and reap the rewards of spending more quality time together.

We hope you enjoy playing The WeDo Game as much as we do and make many happy memories with your family!

Alexandra, Dave, Freya & Harper

Giving Back


As part of our pledge to support those less fortunate, we make a donation from the proceeds of the sale of each WeDo Game to charity. We are proud to be associated with, and support, Their Beautiful Game – a Not For Profit Organization that provides sports equipment to disadvantaged children across the developing world, giving them the things they need to be able to play, have fun and dream!

For further information visit: http://theirbeautifulgame.org